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Grow in love for yourself & take a step on your healing path

Award winning international fine art photographer Marlene Neumann, talks about her journey towards personal authenticity. She calls it finding out how to be human, explaining that, as children, we are not taught to understand how profoundly energy and spirit shape our lives. As a consequence, we are disconnected and dysfunctional.

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Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life than the striving and struggling that we seem to get caught up in? Have you ever felt the deep longing to understand there’s more to life than we’ve been taught? Have you ever sensed there’s something more, nudging you to live life differently?

Being able to connect with the very core of ourselves,
where nothing can take us off our centre,
helps us ride the waves and dance with life.

Nature knows how to be still in the eye of a storm – humans can learn that too, enabling us to respond to any situation maintaining our personal strength and flow. 20 Years ago, I had a life-threatening illness that took me on a new path of understanding that there is so much more to life than we ever imagined or been taught. I’d spent years searching outside of myself for the answers when all along they were locked inside of me.

“Nature speaks to us in ways we could never imagine. There are distinct signs, we need to learn how to read those signs. Through my workshops and retreats I allow you to journey into the core of who you are, into the centre of your own Universe.”

My lifetime passion for nature and seeing things differently through capturing nature’s beauty through my photographs has taught me how we can discover our own truth, remembering who we truly are. By listening to nature’s deep stillness, we can listen to ourselves in a new way, learning what it really means to be human.

I invite you to join me on an exploration of re-discovering yourself, peeling back the layers that have kept your true light from shining brightly. Learn to fall in love with the beauty of nature and yourself again.

Immerse yourself in the silent miracle of nature through all your senses.
Take yourself on an adventure of personal discovery with nature using your heart and your eyes to
Unleash the Magic of Life
LynneSouth Africa
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"I learnt that nothing is as it appears on the surface - dig deeper, that beauty can be found in anything - just look.”
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"Marlene's mentorship has helped me reset my thinking and to surround myself with the power of nature"
RoopaSouth Africa
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“Marlene has helped me evolve as an individual. I learnt to manage my fears and learnt a lot about myself and the world. Marlene is an amazing mentor and teacher.”

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