Voice of Nature Retreats

We can all be wild at heart

Are you ready to see life through a new lens?
Are you ready to listen to the voice of nature as she speaks to your soul?
Are you ready to take time out of your daily life
to recalibrate to who you truly are?

It’s time for us all to stop, be still and nurture ourselves by stepping into a communion with Nature.

Join an intimate group of like minded people, guided by Marlene, to spend time listening to the voice of nature.

Sit, walk, bathe, meditate and listen by observing  light in the presence of our Natural world. It’s time to centre yourself and hear your own inner voice in the stillness of a retreat into nature.

Each Voice of Nature retreat is a unique experience for a small group of people who want to find their inner peace. Marlene’s gentle way of teaching brings students back to the inner core of who they are.

Each retreat allows people to reconnect with nature, quieten their busy minds and reset themselves by listening to nature’s wisdom – the voice of nature.

Each person will experience their true nature in new ways through practicing stillness as we walk, watch, listen and connect with the beauty around us.


Listen to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth

and  reconnect to your true nature

What is a Voice of Nature Retreat?

  • An immersive mindful experience in nature, taking time out to nurture yourself
  • Time by yourself, supported in a small group by an experienced spiritual teacher
  • Using photography to see all of nature in a new light, feeling nature’s healing touch
  • Experience a journey of discovery to create new connections between yourself, nature and your soul / spirit
  • An exploration, for 2 hours or a few days, using your camera you learn to capture nature’s truest light

Depending where we meet in nature, the time of year, and how long we’ll spend together, the activities will vary on each Voice of Nature Retreat. We will always spend time in stillness. We will always have our phone / cameras with us to capture the beauty that we don’t usually take time to see.

We listen to Mother Earth pulsing through our bodies, honouring every aspect of this beautiful earth we live on.

On some retreats we will walk barefoot in the forest or beach; drum or dance in tune with our outdoor space; cook and eat together, sharing nurturing food to nourish our bodies and feed our souls.

We will practice mindful meditation, listening to the breath of nature. We will bathe in the beauty of the environment that surrounds us, filling us up naturally.

We always work with the elements of nature and we may spend time connecting to these in more depth – around the fire; in the water; soaking up the essence of the place in nature that we are.

Benefits of taking part in a Voice of Nature Retreat

  • Experience a part of yourself that they’ve never accessed before
  • See the world in a whole new way – that sees the cycles of nature and all it has to teach us
  • Learn to see using your camera, learning to capture the countryside
  • Experience light – actually seeing the light in all things so you can see through the trees in the forest which have been keeping you in the dark for so long
  • You will leave with a new perspective of your life and will be encouraged to take your next steps to live your life fully, dancing through life filled with love
Marlene stillness

The Voice of Nature Retreats are for people that really just want to break away. To get away from the everyday and spend time with yourself. To reset. To recalibrate your soul in alignment to truth, to purpose.

By connecting with nature we’re more easily able to quieten our busy minds. On these retreats I bring each person back to themselves.

We have beautiful soulful experiences. We’re mindful of where we are and who we’re with which reminds us who we are.

It’s time to listen to nature and hear what we’ve been too busy to hear. It’s time to start walking ourselves home.

Hogsback Retreat

3 day Forest Retreat. Includes barefoot forest walk, fire ceremonies, meditation, cooking together & honouring Mother Earth.

come walk with me in nature

Immerse yourself in the silent miracle of Mother Nature. Learn to see the extraordinary in the ordinary when you spend 3.5 hours with Marlene.

Wild at Heart Online

Join like minded souls online to learn & share experiences in nature through photography. Be Wild at Heart wherever you are & dance with life.
Maureen James

A lot of soul searching and a deep connection with Mother Nature brought our group together in awe, as we enjoyed the Mother Nature retreat in Hogsback with Marlene Neumann.

This is truly an amazing retreat that was so well organized to the finest detail. A real life changing experience that I would recommend to anyone that would like to take their spiritual journey a step further as well as enjoy a location that is awe inspiring for your photographic journey.

Maureen James

Hogsback Retreat

Roopa Wild at Heart Retreat

Thank you Marlene for a magical weekend in Hogsback. It truly was special bonding with nature and 5 special ladies.

Roopa Jeevan

Hogsback Retreat

Voice of Nature logo

I feel privileged to explore this journey with you in the most magical environment of Hogsback, inward and upward,
I love that!

Barbara Kathleen Black

Hogsback Retreat

Voice of Nature logo

Thank you Marlene 😍🙏.....I had two dreams realised over the weekend; 1- to be on a spiritual photographic retreat with you and 2- to visit your beautiful centre, such a HUGE blessing.
Forever grateful !

Sherry Barrett

Hogsback Retreat